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Propeller Launches on River

The first app to Run on River

Two weeks ago we launched River. And today the first app to be built on the protocol is live.

Meet Propeller.

Propeller is a game-changing product feedback app built by LCA, one of the most product-obsessed agencies out there. LCA works with top brands like Nike, Reddit, Dropbox, Opensea, and Moonpay. Propeller’s value prop is simple: engage your community of early adopters, product stakeholders, and core users and solicit meaningful product feedback from the people who use your product most.

LCA is a design studio meets product incubator lab that helps dial-in brands and builds innovative apps for companies. They’re all about spotting trends others might overlook and doing deep user research to see if their product ideas hold weight. Then they’ll build that product, fine tune it to their audience, and create something that can scale from within. They’re world class. 

So when LCA decided to build the first app on River, their product choice was clear: they were going to build something to tap into the communities and companies they serve.

Propeller lets users give direct product feedback, find support when they need it, and have conversations around features with their community. Users can escalate priority and ensure the most valuable feedback gets noticed.

"LCA was founded with the mission of connecting the disconnected through products that bring people together,” said Greg Isenberg, CEO of Late Checkout. Propeller is all about helping early-stage product teams connect directly with users who love (and hate) them. We're thrilled to see Propeller launch on the River Protocol, focusing on privacy, security, and giving users real ownership in the community. It's a new era for feedback."

How it works:

When you join Propeller, your membership is minted onchain. There are three main channels in the app:

  • User Feedback: Use templated messages to create a living product backlog. You can stack-rank feature requests and product feedback by priority level - high, medium, and low.

  • Support: Here you can interface with the support team and receive white glove support for any issues that come up

  • Discussion Channel: This functions like a slack channel, except all messages are encrypted, verified, and stored onchain.

Why did LCA choose to build on River?

LCA wanted to build a straight-forward, but differentiated product that could reinforce their dedication to tailoring products to the communities and companies they work with. They wanted to go above and beyond the capabilities of existing crowd-sourced feedback products and create an elegant solution with privacy, security, and ownership baked in. They wanted to be able to meaningfully reward their power users, recognize their contributions, and help them achieve reputational value within their ecosystem. Like us, they know that rewards and ownership encourage more intentional and positive behavior. Plus, Propeller can do some pretty cool things to reward their users in the future, like gift and airdrop rewards based on reputation, grant access to special Towns or other communities, offer access to new features for their products, or grant priority trading fees to wallets that hold membership NFTs.

For us, this is a huge milestone to celebrate. The first app built on River, by one of the best product shops out there. If you’re a product team looking to engage your community, Propeller is currently in beta, and they’ll begin rolling out to the broader community within the next couple of weeks. Excited for you to give it a spin!

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